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Environmental labeling

Environmental labeling is an important step toward more sustainable waste management that leads to greater involvement on the part of businesses and consumers in recycling collection. The introduction of environmental labeling on all packaging from January 1, 2023 is a concrete effort to raise awareness and informing consumers about the proper disposal of materials.

Here are some pointers regarding CORI’s environmental labeling:

  • Material code: Each packaging component is will be marked with an alphanumeric code indicating the type of material used, which is useful for identifying and separating different materials during separate collection.
  • Indication for Collection: it is indicated where to deliver the packaging to simplify the separate collection process.
  • Recycling Tips: practical suggestions for improving the quality of recycling collection are included.

It is advisable to consult the specific directions for recycling collection in your municipality, as procedures may vary from place to place. Active consumer participation is critical to the success of such initiatives, as everyone can contribute to improving the environment through proper waste management.